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About Land and Z

Land and Z is an ongoing musical collaboration between longtime friends and composers The Land of Deborah and Neil Z (Neil Zimmerman.) Their music, rooted in pop, rock, and folk, takes advantage of their musical gifts, schools of thought, similarities and differences. The result is infectious, upbeat, and downright fun.

The Land of Deborah is an award-winning singer-songwriter with a unique take on life, love and the pursuit of fair trade chocolate.  As a live performer in her current city of Vancouver, British Columbia, the press called her songs “feel good folk-pop” and as having “ of the smoothest voices in the city." Her crowd-pleasing tunes are personal, eclectic and groovy. In addition to her achievements in scoring numerous independent films, her music has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Oprah's current OWN Network. Visit The Land at

Neil Z is a music creator, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer/producer, and guitar instructor. Originally hailing from New York, he is now proudly based in Centennial, CO, USA, near Denver.

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Neil creates music for film, T.V., and advertising. His music has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Bravo, Lifetime, BET, Nickelodeon, USA Network, ABC Family, HGTV, Nick at Nite, Game Show Network and other cable TV channels. His recording studio, TTFFO Studios, also based in Centennial, CO, USA, has produced numerous CDs, short film scores and the audio for educational and instructional videos.  In addition to Land and Z, Neil currently performs LIVE as a solo performer, and also with Brightenstar, a male/female musical duo performing pop and rock cover songs, with a hint of country.

Together as Land and Z, they compose for film and television, and deliver an engaging live show featuring their feel-good songs and the stories behind them.. 

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